This was kind of forced on me, because I had to upgrade my server to run PHP 7 for a work-based task and the old version of my blog-hosting software wouldn’t run under PHP 7 (the joys of non-mainstream blog software) and the latest version doesn’t support the old theme… So a new theme. I’m not 100% sold I must admit, but the pickings are slim with the new version because there were quite a lot of changes to cope with the new version of PHP and some serious changes to the background security to cope with some server vulnerabilities as best you can.

Those of you who have seen my normal working environment will know this could be much worse if I go in and edit the settings directly for myself so be grateful for small mercies!

I quite like the two columns side by side on the front page which responsively collapse to a single column rather than the old box layout, and I’m certainly in favour of the dark background with light text, although I quite liked the dark on green that I had before. The purple to highlight titles and links is quite soothing (for my eyes anyway) and has a decent level of contrast I think, so it will probably stay unless another new version comes along soon, or a new theme I prefer comes along. This theme likes header images, which so far I’ve had to hide, because I haven’t been using them. However, I might be adding them going forwards and look at adding them retrospectively too, we’ll see.

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