This week got away from me so I'll be brief since the match starts soon.

Wales v Ireland. This depends on which Welsh side show up, and if their passes stick really. Wales can play really well, and are creating more chances than anyone else, but spilling the ball in critical places too. I think they'll show up at home. Sometime those balls will stick and someone will get hammered. I don't know if it will click for Wales tonight but I think they'll be good enough to win.

Italy v France. Italy are innovative, as we saw in the last round, but not good yet. France are not a great side but they are a good and improving side. It's really a case of how big the scoreline is.

England v Scotland. The big one. I know Scotland haven't won at Twickers for ages, but Scotland are more effective in attack than Wales (they attack less, but they convert more often when they do attack) and they are defending and turning over better than Wales, who out-performed England in that department. Scotland to win.

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