ParaNorman is a kiddies film about an 11-year old boy who can talk to ghosts. Unlike Sixth Sense, this isn't cool - he's bullied as a freak, his father wants him to stop it and his mother is kind of supportive but not strongly so.

It turns out Norman's uncle (the mad town tramp) can also talk to dead people and the town has an interesting history. Norman must complete a task to keep the town safe - proper heroic quest time. The story moves along nicely. There aren't a whole lot of twists or turns but there are enough challenges to keep it entertaining. The ending, as you might guess, has elements of "happy every after" but isn't completely happy and continues the humour too. That was nicely counter to expectations.

As with so many of these animated children's films there are plenty of jokes scattered through for the grown-ups. Many of them continue to make me smile but I won't share them here in case you want to see the film yourself.

Because there aren't twists and turns it's hard to write more without spoilers. There are bits to scare the kids. There are bits to make them laugh. There are bits to make you laugh. It's lightweight fun but a good way to spend a couple of hours after slaving away too hard.

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