I know it's been a while since I blogged here... things have been hectic and good.

I've landed a contract to do a build for Seton Hall University, taught myself CSS at long last and started building my business website, and I've been working with Desi presenting the "Opening Pandora's Box" studio session for the NMC symposium on creativity which has just finished.

Teaching at 4am, and blogging with that as well as for SLI has taken my blogging juices for a while, as has a fair bit of other stuff that I will blog about sometime, plus building for the class exhibitions for Contemporary Fiction, which I also need to blog about - they're the ones from the "Manic Monday" posts here, and their class is finally at an end.

So, I've not forgotten this blog, however quiet it is, but when things get hectic blogging gets squeezed it seems. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time over the coming days.

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  • Eloise  
    I should add that I've spent the time and effort to go and get all my html and css validated. It's been an interesting journey, things have changed since I last wrote html, and things that display perfectly well (paragraphs inside lists for example) are not valid, so I've been playing with indents etc.

    Why have I bothered to do this? Well, part of it was to catch me up with what was going on. Part of it (the CSS part) was a quick way to check the CSS I was trying in anger for the first time was valid and it seemed odd to display a valid CSS badge and not a valid HTML badge, part of it is I'm very keen on access as an issue, so making every effort to have my site work in speaking browsers for blind people is important to me.

    Now I'm used to it, it's not actually that much of a bind. I'm sure I'll make mistakes still, but the core elements are there and will work reliably.

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