Where would American literature, and indeed world literature be without Edgar Allan Poe? Poe cropped up in Beth Ritter-Guth's American Literature I class in Second Life yesterday. She, I and AJ had spent a big chunk of time uploading educational content, texture and audio content.

If you hunt around you can find all kinds of bits from all kinds of stories and poems in there, as well as a chunk of Poe's works to support your learning. Of course you can go just to have fun and have a look around if you rather! You can see some photos of it over on flickr or one of the samples here:

It was an interesting collaborative effort and I think it's a lovely example of using SL for education well - we couldn't do this in real life, not on any reasonable budget anyway, but in SL it was about 50-person hours of work. It delivers content that's measurable and assessable, but adds a level of engagement that has to be seen to be believed - we had students there for about 3 hours running around, reading their Poe, trying to work out what bits related to what, commenting on the mistakes in the build - thus proving they'd read their texts of course, and we got into a good socratic learning model (I'm sure that won't shock anyone that knows Beth's teaching).

There were also stories provided that didn't have content inside, and props with no material provided, getting the students to do research - great result and a fun build!

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