Dear Mr. Trump,

I appreciate there is a protest movement against your presidency that uses the slogan ‘not my president’ so let me start by saying when I say you are not my president I mean that in the absolutely literal, legal sense. I am a citizen of a different country.

Nevertheless, America is commonly held up as the leader of the free world and you are the leader of America so what you say and do matters to some extent.

On Saturday a group of neo-Nazi white supremacists, racists through and through marched through Charlottesville and were involved in clashes with antifa protesters. Club-wielding thugs, an act which is illegal, were met with pepper-spray, the carrying and use of which is legal in many countries even countries where carrying firearms and knives is illegal. The reason? Being maced is unpleasant and it’s very hard to keep fighting through it, but you’re really, really unlikely to suffer any form of lasting damage. If you get smashed in the head with a large piece of wood the outlook is not so good. The alt-right, a term that they coined for themselves by the way, despite your desire to claim it is invented by the media, as group probably didn’t plan it, but one of their thugs, in a move that is being investigated as domestic terrorism, then ploughed a car into the crowd killing one and injuring 20 others.

You chose to condemn the violence committed by all sides. If you had a history of condemning violence even-handedly I could respect this. Jeremy Corbyn, by and large, condemns violence from both sides whether the violence is being committed by left or right wing groups. Mahatma Gandhi, famously, lead the Indian Independence movement through peaceful civil disobedience. However, you are promising “fire and fury” and that the US military is “locked and loaded” with regards to North Korea, so it seems unlikely you are really opposed to violence.

Nevertheless, you could have started off your statement with something saying “In our shit-hole of a crypto-fascistgreat country we enjoy the right to freedom of assembly and speech even for Nazi scumbagsbut we do not allow that to spill over into violence. We stand here today to repudiate all those started acts of violence and to warn them that the full force of the law will be brought to bear on them. In that inconvenient old rag that means I can’t just shoot you fuckersour glorious constitution it is laid out that all men are created equal. Anyone who supports an ideology of segregation, hatred and racial inequality is speaking out against the constitution. Anyone who marches wearing Nazi regalia needs to remember that, at the end of this year we will be marking the 75th anniversary of the year we finally got off our lazy arses and joined the fight against the Nazis, leading to their defeat three years later.”

Your statements since Charlottesville make you sound like not so much like a politician who needed the support of the alt-right for your victory so much as a member of the alt-right yourself. There are members of the 1% who are fairly decent human beings. Then there’s you. If literally the only voice raised in support you that you don’t pay is the former grand-wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, when even the more right-wing members of your own political party are speaking out against you, don’t you think you just maybe did something wrong?

PS I know you’re not a student of history, but Alternative Right was used by a conservative philosopher and academic in academia in 2008, to talk about developments in the American political right, Alt-RIght as a term was created by the white supremacist Richard Spencer in 2010. (He prefers the label ‘Identitist’ but preaches an ideology of an all white nation.) 2010 is not history for you, you’ve been married Melania for longer than that.

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